Boardroom and Corporate Financial Advisory Services

Atlanta, Georgia

About Our Corporate Advisory Firm in Atlanta, GA

Richard C. Bricker, Jr.

Dick is the founder and President of Bricker & Associates, LLC, a corporate advisory firm in Atlanta, GA. He has 34 years of experience as a CPA auditing and consulting with public and private financial institutions, companies in the mining, oil and gas, and dot-com incubator industries as well as  companies in various other industries. During this time frame he worked with numerous banks, credit unions, deNovo banks, and a fortune 100 company to improve financial reporting and key control performance and monitoring. He has an additional 14 years experience consulting with companies in the financial institution, financial services, fintech and other industries. What differentiates the services Bricker & Associates, LLC provides from other advisory and consulting firms is that Dick has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee, Chairman of the Executive Committee and Lead Director of a $1.7 billion public financial institution. He leads the firm
from a perspective of first gaining an understanding of the issues our clients need assistance with from a Board or Executive Officer perspective, understanding the client's present and future potential opportunities for growth and/or acquisition, their infrastructure, cultural and social environment, evaluating which approach will work best from all perspectives and client capabilities and then advising the client on the best plan to accomplish their objectives.  

Dick  has dealt with most of the same issues that you are dealing with today and can relate to those issues from the perspective of a seasoned external advisor and consultant, and, more importantly, from the perspective of a director. Assisting financial institutions and financial services companies for over four decades has provided Dick with the knowledge and skills to efficiently, effectively and innovatively assist your Board and your company in dealing with the tough issues.

Other Bricker & Associates, LLC consultants are very experienced in and knowledgeable of the financial services and/or other industries and are skilled at addressing problematic issues. Their experience includes information technology (IT) risk assessment, identification of mitigating key controls, key control testing, testing the design and operating effectiveness of IT general computer controls, IT documentation reviews, credit administration and loan review, working with consulting firms that assisted the FDIC in liquidating failed banks, and various other types of services. Many of the consultants have also been officers, executive officers or directors of banks or companies in other industries. Our team has years of experience in observing which solutions work best and which don't.

Our experience includes:

  • Coaching and training sessions for Boards
  • Reducing Boards to effective sizes
  • Improving Boardroom processes and corporate governance
  • Performing financial risk assessments and developing risk mitigation control matrices
  • Performing IT risk assessments and developing risk mitigation control matrices
  • Improving risk management
  • Assisting in the formation of deNovo banks from an operations, risk management, internal controls and boardroom process perspective
  • Strategic plan development assistance 
  • Assisting in taking private companies public
  • Review of financial reporting and financial controls
  • Review of generally accepted IT general computer controls
  • Review of employee interrelated duties and other loss prevention projects
  • Development of loss prevention processes and systems 
  • Litigation support 

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