Boardroom and Corporate Financial Advisory Services

Atlanta, Georgia

Boardroom Advisory Services in Atlanta, GA

At Bricker & Associates, LLC, our goal is to help you take your board performance to the next level. For more on our boardroom advisory services in Atlanta, GA, call us today.

Boardroom Consultants

Our boardroom consultants can assist you in determining what your strategic business options are and their impact on your shareholders, addressing conflict and division in the board room, assisting the board in the development of a risk management approach to director oversight, reviewing the adequacy and format of information contained in reports your board receives, improving corporate governance and your risk management processes, being a coach for the board and assisting in other ways to improve your boardroom process. The first step may be having Bricker & Associates, LLC perform a "Boardroom Physical" to determine where we can best assist you. 

Boardroom Advisory Services in Atlanta, GA

Board Advisory Services

Boardroom Process Boardroom Process - continued
  • "Boardroom Physical"
  • Assist in development of a risk management approach to director oversight
  • Assist the Board in understanding the risks your company faces and the adequacy of the controls in place to mitigate those risks
  • Addressing division and conflict in the boardroom
  • Attend board meetings and ask the appropriate "unasked"  questions which should have been asked in the meeting
  • Address the quality and sufficiency of reports and other materials your board receives
  • Review the board process, adequacy of information presented and depth of appropriate discussion before major decisions are made
  • Facilitate the annual Board of director's evaluation
  • Assist the board committees in developing their charters, mission statements, and meeting agendas and in discharging their responsibilities
  • Interviewing prospective directors and executive officers
  • Remote Board coaching and other advisory services
  • Facilitate the strategic planning process


  • Evaluate the composition and performance of key board committees relative to their charters and delegated responsibilities 
  • Perform or facilitate the annual board of directors evaluation
  • Assist in determining what your strategic business options are and their impact on your shareholders and other stakeholders

Corporate Governance 

  • Evaluating the current status of your corporate governance
  • Improving the company’s corporate governance environment
  • Assist in development and implementation of appropriate ethics and business conduct policies and culture
  • Evaluating your employees' understanding of your corporate governance policies and practices 
  • Establish a monitoring process for determining compliance with your ethics and business conduct policies
  • Documenting corporate governance in board minutes




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