Boardroom and Corporate Financial Advisory Services

Atlanta, Georgia

Advisory Services for Fintech and Other Development Stage Technology  Companies

All companies, regardless of the products or services they provide, need a certain degree of organization, structure, internal and financial reporting controls, policies and procedures, knowledgeable and skilled management, financing and luck, if they are to grow significantly, profitably and successfully. Few start-up and development stage companies begin with all of these attributes, but the more successful ones acquire them as they progress through their early business life cycles. As investors perform due diligence on prospective investee companies, lack of reasonable structure and controls can result in the investors investing in other companies or charging more for their investment due to perceived risk or lack of accurate and reliable financial statements and internal financial information. Our significant careers and our experience gained over those years, provide us with the basis to assist start-up and development stage companies in setting up good corporate structure, internal and financial reporting controls, corporate governance, boardroom structure and other structural elements used by successful companies. We are also skilled at mentorship of executives and Boards during their company's early and difficult years and we enjoy contributing to our clients' succcess. The following are some of our services that we feel may be quite valuable during your company's early years.                 

Advisory and Consulting Services

  • Establishing good boardroom processes, board packages, meeting agendas and board meeting minutes
  • Assisting in the establishment of good corporate governance practices and processes at the board and company levels
  • Being a coach or mentor to the board, the CEO and/or other executive officers
  • Performing the initial formal risk assessment and establishing an ongoing risk assessment process
  • Investor presentation assistance
  • Provide assistance with strategic planning, forecasting and budgeting
  • Implementation of effective accounting and management information systems
  • Installation of bottoms up exception reporting systems
  • Improving the quality and transparency of the Company's internal and external financial reporting
  • Addressing the cause of embarrassing internal or external financial statement restatements
  • Assist with setting up a good risk management program
  • Reviewing the company's internal audit plan from a risk management perspective 
  • Monitoring performance of key internal controls 
  • Performing key control testing 
  • Interviewing prospective directors, executive officers and controllers
  • Various other services depending on a client's needs