Boardroom and Corporate Financial Advisory Services

Atlanta, Georgia

Corporate Financial and Risk Management Services in Atlanta, GA

In today's rapidly changing economic environment, risk management in Atlanta, GA, is sometimes required to make far-reaching decisions quickly. Having accurate, concise, and clear financial and operating "management information" is crucial to making those decisions effectively. Being provided large amounts of inaccurate, or stale, financial information can cause even the best executives and boards of directors to make poor or wrong decisions. We can assist you in creating processes and systems to provide you with the "financial and operating management information" you and your board need to make better decisions and to assist the board in discharging their responsibilities.

All businesses face a multitude of risks that have the potential to negatively affect their company. An adequate risk assessment and risk management process is critical in this current business environment. We can assist you by performing a comprehensive risk assessment to identify your company's material risks, help you identify the controls that need to be in place to mitigate those risks, set up a monitoring process to monitor control performance, and assist you in establishing a useful risk mitigation function.  

Corporate Financial Advisory Services

  • Assist in evaluating/understanding the ramifications and financial impact of complex transactions 
  • Creating or improving your "financial and operating management reports"
  • Improving your budgeting and forecasting process
  • Asset/liability management assistance
  • Reviewing the company's identified key performance indicators, goals set, and the company's performance
  • Merger and acquisition services 
  • Assistance in preparing to become a publicly traded company
  • Determining the nature and cause of internal and external financial reporting errors and amendments
  • Evaluating your internal control management certification and exception reporting processes for effectiveness
  • Assistance in starting, managing and operating deNovo Banks and other start-up companies
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance assistance

Risk Management Services

  • Performing a comprehensive financial and information technology (IT) risk assessment
  • Reviewing the adequacy of your risk mitigation controls  
  • Improving your risk management process
  • Establishing monitoring systems and processes to determine that your risk mitigation controls are being performed
  • Developing remediation plans for failed risk mitigation controls, including new or additional controls 
  • Reviewing the company's internal audit plan from a risk management perspective

Developing a Plan with Our Risk Management Services

As a business owner, you will need to take risks for the growth of your company. However, when not appropriately handled, these risks could lead to significant losses for your company’s bottom line. This is why it is essential to take advantage of our risk management services in Atlanta, GA. At Bricker & Associates, LLC, we have a deep understanding of the financial markets and will help your company find the strategies and growth opportunities that should net the most gain.

Our team also helps your business set up thorough risk assessment and mitigation plans to ensure that your company is kept in the right direction. To learn more about assessing and mitigating risk within your business, reach out to our office. Our team is always happy to answer your questions and give you any assistance you require.

Financial Planning

In addition to helping you manage your company’s risk, our team also provides corporate financial consulting to help you develop a sound monetary plan. We work closely with you and your board to help you understand your financial statements and how to use the data they provide to make the right decisions for your business’s growth.

Contact us when you need help with risk management or financial planning. We proudly serve Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas.